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Category: Release Note

v2.11.0 Updates

SoriChat v2.11.0 is released on all platforms. – Added prompt engineering options for document bots, meaning you can now add instructions before

v2.9.4 Updates

SoriChat v2.9.4 live on Web. Updates since 2.9.0 : – Installable as a PWA (open SoriChat as a desktop app with Chrome).

v2.9.0 Updates

SoriChat v2.9.0 live on Web. Updates : – Hide rooms + more personal options – Redesigned right panel – UX improvements on

v2.8.8 Bug fixes

Version 2.8.8 is released. – Bugfix. Files with Korean characters were not downloadable on iOS if the files were uploaded with Mac

v2.8.5 Bug fixes

– Bugfix. No longer send the extra characters in Korean on ctrl + enter. cmd + enter is now also supported. –

v2.6.0 – AI Bots

SoriChat introduces AI Bots with two well known bots form OpenAI: ChatGPT for general information and DALL-E for creating unique images from

v2.5.0 – Emojis by hazaka

In v2.5.0 SoriChat introduces 33 unique emojis created by Hazaka. An excellent way to express thoughts and feelings.

v2.4.0 – Workspaces

Workspaces in SoriChat make it easy to gather the rooms into a common space for you and your team members. Create or

v2.3.0 – Redesign

In version 2.3.0 SoriChat UI/UX design was improved.  We changed the input system to make it possible to combine voice, files and

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